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Welcome to the official website for

the upcoming holding company for Mashman branded businesses and endeavors. MASHMAN, coming late 2024.


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Mashman Consulting Group

A consulting firm that specializes in personal branding and individual reputation management. MCG’s intensive and organic strategies help public figures optimize and scale their personal brands.

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A privately held investment firm that engages in acquisitions, equity ownership, and other financial contracts. Offering unique advantages, expertise, and guidance in varying areas makes partnering a multi-beneficial decision.

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A privately held real estate investment firm that invests in and purchases various assets and properties.

Mashman Properties' Logo

Mashman Global

An upcoming non-profit that has national and international initiatives in education, entrepreneurship, health, and quality of life.

More To Come...

These are just the first three of dozens of companies that will be owned, invested in, and managed by MASHMAN.

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